just a deep hole with a mainly sandy bottom with patches of stone.

Fished 3/10/08. Shingle beach just off main road on track toward harbour and Martello tower.Sea quite rough with big swells, good colour in water.

steep sand gravle.

Newhaven is a nice place to fish from, comfortable and if there is any disabled friends here they have real easy access and be able to enjoy casting out and having a good day.


sandy beach with deep gullies where the fish will lay.



shallow water with gullies and holes in certian places .with wooden grindes going out the sea.



Fished late evening tide from hunstanton. on two occasions during later part of arugust Just off sealife centre.


the point

shallow water with lots of gullies and deep holes try to fish 2 hours before and after high water.


Runswick Bay

A mixed area of angling opportunities. On one side of the bay there is sandy beach with slate  on the bottom as you cast further out. On the other side of the bay it is slate with large rocks here …


Badentarbet Pier

Otherwise known as Achiltibuie Pier same as the village where it is situated, this offers anglers deep water close in and the chance of very large fish, as per sea angler magazine this pier produced a 154lb skate back in …